Lena Mirisola


With a precocious eye and a love for people & light, Boston native Lena Mirisola turned her passion into a wedding & portrait business at the ripe age of fifteen in 2010. Currently studying at Massachusetts College of Art & Design, her client list includes The Boston Globe, Urban Outfitters, Cosmopolitan, Citibank, American Eagle Outfitters, Coach, and more. When she’s not taking photos, you can find her in Chinatown sipping on bubble tea.


Three books that have inspired you?

They’re all photo books: Kids in Love by Olivia Bee – Projects by Nikki S. Lee – You and I by Ryan McGinley

Favourite photo you have taken? 

It changes every month! Most recently, I love the energy in this one:


A shot of a single object that expresses a powerful memory/event? 

I rarely shoot photos without humans in them, so this is a photo that represents a new chapter of my life that began almost two years ago.


How do you view Generation Z, the Post-Millennials and their approach to shooting?

My generation is the instant gratification generation. We take photos with our phones, shoot with our wifi-enabled cameras, and post to Instagram within minutes of creating the images. If it doesn’t get enough likes, we delete it. Validation for Gen Z seems like the most important thing, which I don’t really agree with. Compare yourself to who you were one, two, five years ago, not other people. We compare someone else’s highlight reel to our own b-sides. Gen Z seems to be shooting for other people instead of themselves. I actually did my last project on this subject called “Digital Native, read about it here – however, Gen Z is constantly learning and adapting. Our learning curve is so steep! We experiment, keep up with the trends, and create new ways to communicate through photographs. We erased all the rules and are doing things our way.

Do you think analogue is a dead format in commercial photography?

Analog is alive and well! Film made a major comeback, and companies are hiring photographers who can also shoot film. That nostalgic look seems to be craved by many.

 Do you miss the darkroom?

It’s still across the hall, haha! I miss the excitement of developing my own 4×5, not knowing what my negs will look like, and the serenity of singing along to Mac Demarco in the pitch dark. I love watching the image develop on the paper in the darkroom, but I don’t miss the time involved in shooting film and printing analog, which is why I stopped doing it (for now).

 Has Instagram made your work more recognised? Who is your favourite Instagram photographer?

Instagram has been very good to me. I’ve partnered with major brands because of Instagram and received wedding and portrait clients through there!

My favorite imagery comes from the photographers featured on @urbanoutfitters and @bleachfilm, but the account that makes me happiest is @pumpkintheraccoon!


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