Doug Berry

I sparked my passion for photography at the age of 13 with a hand me down Nikon F from my grandfather. Through self teaching, various personal projects and a lot of trial and error I developed a keen understanding and appreciation of the photography craft. I love technology and embrace its fast changing nature.

I recognize the importance of being a step ahead of the curve, whether creatively marketing myself to clients or creating new stock images I use the most current tools to assist in the process. I always maintain a personal touch in my work that is essential the creative process. I currently live in “funky” Leucadia California with my two daughters and wife. 



We would like to know how you shoot business.

Shooting Business images is a process of constant change as work place trends, demographics and technology change daily! Do not let this be a discouragement rather find it a challenge to constantly create new imagery, and always always keep it genuine and interesting.

What do you look for when casting for business? Experience of working in a business environment? Ethnicity? Age? Gender? 

Casting for a business shoot like any other shoot is really simple, the talent should match the set. I would not consider putting a suit and tie 50+ model in a hip co working location. Think of casting for a business shoot like baking a cake, it won’t taste good when it’s done if the ingredients are off even by a small amount.

How do you gain access to the buildings and offices that you’ve produced in?

When I am ready to scout for a location my first priority is budget, often I can rent a co op office for a reasonable rate or trade for images. The best advice here is to simply ask as many people as you know if they have an office space that you could shoot in and have a property release for.

Any tips on making smaller, not so promising locations work for successful business shoots?

I actually like a smaller shooting space, it allows for tighter shots and concepts. Focus on details like hands on laptops, or facial expressions, I use the space only to contain the set.

What concepts do you apply when shooting business imagery for stock?

Keep it as real as possible, nothing contrived or out of place.

What type of business imagery do you think will trend for 2017?

I would look at current colour palettes for clothing, demographics and technology for new business shooting in 2017. I would assume the co work and collaborative spaces will continue to be an in demand location.

What are your tips and tricks for shooting successful, authentic business images?

If you are going to shoot business, keep it as authentic as possible, keep the budget low, the technology up to date and the talent believable.



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