Connor Bennett

Wandering the West, from Humboldt CA.

What is your favorite image that you have taken and what’s the story behind it?

Picking a favorite image has to be nearly impossible, there are so many photos I consider my favorite each for a different reason. That being said this photo stands out to me, particularly because the day it was taken was one of my first solo multi day trips I went on with the soul purpose of taking photos and marks a shift in how I view photography.

What defines your style as a photographer?

I actually have not given this much thought. I feel like at the moment there is still a lot to be decided as far as my style as a photography goes. As I progress though I would say I notice the color intensity in most of my images is becoming a defining factor of my style.

Where do you feel most at home, by the mountains or by the sea?

It used to be the sea but now it is definitely the mountains I started out shooting by the ocean mostly around surfing but once I discovered rock climbing that has totally changed and I have been pretty much been lost in the mountains ever since.

If you could jet-off to anywhere in the world right now with no limits, where would you go and what would you shoot?

If I could go anywhere it would definitely be Tasmania, I would love to go to Cradle Mountain National park for a few days to get a feel for the place and shoot.


Where is your next adventure?

My next adventure is a local one! I am based out of Humboldt County California. The Lost Coast Trail up here hides some of the most beautiful yet far to reach surfing in Northern California, and also if you look hard enough a surprising amount of boulders to climb.


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