Brook Pifer

Brook’s work is driven by moments that feel organic and emotions that are honest.

Brook Pifer Headshot

A shot of a single object that expresses a powerful memory/event?

I have this picture of two girls jumping into the ocean in Key West. It’s from my Lady Adventure series.

When I look at this picture I am instantly transported back to that weekend. We were supposed to go camping in north Florida but a tropical storm was bearing down on the state. Rather than scrap our plans we head south hoping to miss the worst part of the storm. Night one was a success and we swam in the warm, salty blue waters of the keys.  Sunscreen be damned, we were in bikinis, sipping on fresh coconut water and taking pictures together. However, that night our luck ran out. The storm kept us wide awake with a torrential rains, lightening and howling winds. Sleep deprived and soggy, sunrise brought a new day with lighting rains lingering in the morning. Motivated by the thought of a hot breakfast we pack up camp and head to a local diner for waffles and lots of coffee.

Brook Pifer - Keywest

Three books that have inspired you?

Griffin and Sabine by Nick Bantock

Born to Run by Christopher McDougall

Girl in a Band by Kim Gordon

We hear that you’re going to be talking at PDN, please let us know the details!

I’ll be a panelist at PDN Photo Plus Expo, How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business, on Thursday, October 20th from 10:15am-12:15pm. The discussion will be moderated by Conor Risch and cover topics about audience building, how to use your following to work with brands, pricing your work, integrating social media into pitches and promoting your own projects to generate new business.

Who are the women that inspire you, what is it that they have achieved that appeals?

I have a huge girl crush on DP Rachel Morrison. She has an intimate elegance to her handheld footage that is both immersive and emotive (Fruitvale Station, Dope and Cake).

The work of fine art photographer Robin Schwartz makes my heart skip a beat thanks to the raw beauty of Amelia and the Animals. 

Women’s roles in Photography, both in front and behind the camera, have changed dramatically over the years. How have these changes impacted the way you work and what you have chosen to photograph? 

Taking a look at my personal work I would say the common thread that ties everything together the concept of the female heroine. Adventurers to musicians, I love being invited into someone’s life and translating my observations into visuals that evoke a timeless sense of freedom, playfulness and love.

What words of wisdom from an aunt, a grandmother, or a sister can you impart on us?

“You will always regret the chance you didn’t take, the picture you didn’t take. Don’t allow waiting to become a habit.”


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