Boone Rodriguez

Boone is a commercial lifestyle photographer based out of Portland Oregon, shooting for clients such as Nike, Clif Bar, BMW & Simple Bank.  His commercial work brings him across the globe, but his love for adventure fuels the daily push to keep shooting whatever the hell feels good with rad folks.  Outside of work you’ll find Boone hosting backyard bonfires, fly fishing and road tripping.  Boone runs a daylight studio, shared creative office space, and education event space in Portland called Beast Daylight

An artist or creative, past or present that you would like to meet. Who would it be and what would you get up to?

My dream would be to be able to have a weekly coffee and chat with William Stafford who was a Poet, Teacher, and Thinker in Oregon.  I would be so glad to learn and grow from his fluid thinking, calm demeanor and thoughtful words.  Also, he was quite disciplined in his craft, always making time to think and to write and go for long walks.  I’m a believer that in order to create great work, you need to work at it regularly and often.  

Three books that have inspired you?

Some of the recent books that have shaped the way I think and live have been;

Travels with Jupiter by Ted Simon

Travels with Charley by John Steinbeck

John of the Mountains (The Unpublished journals of John Muir)

In Travels with Jupiter, Ted Simon rides his motorcycle around the world over the span of a few years and while his adventures are dreamy in the best ways, the things that take shape in his life while traveling are even more beautiful.  As you read you see his perspectives open up and his sense of pace slows down. 

Similarly in Travels with Charley you journey across America in the 60’s with Steinbeck as our nation is undergoing a tidal wave of change.  You feel the beauty of our vast nation, true kindness and joy as well as glimpses of despair, fear, and hate.  The book inspires me to live well and be kind and loving and open to those I meet. 

I read John Muir the same way you would use a sparkly filter to make a landscape more dreamy. His words bring out the glory and splendor in some of the most already magnificent scenery.  He also worked very hard to keep many wilderness areas wild and free of destruction from hands of the highest bidder which is a conflict we’re facing head on today. 

How do you engage audiences with your imagery, is there a narrative to how you shoot?

When I jump into a shoot, while I may have a strong moodboard or shotlist running in my mind, I like to take a moment to observe and feel out what looks and feels natural. 

What can I put in front of my camera that has a natural authentic energy?  Instead of “what” perhaps I should say “how”?  How does the subject move in the most beautiful or natural way?  How will the light look  the most stunning?  What is the element that will bring the image to life?  How can I portray the words of John Muir to give that extra sparkle to help connect a still photo to our moving lives?  And how can I use my words and body language to orchestrate movement and connection between my subject and my images?

One ambition?

My current ambition is to be kind and curious.  


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