Ben Pipe

After spending many hours of my childhood making drawings, photography was a natural progression. My uncle is a professional photographer and he gifted me his Olympus SLR for my 15th birthday. Following graduation from Art College with a 1st BA (Hons) I went freelance and moved to London. Since then I have been shooting new cultures and wild places.


What websites/blogs/people do you draw inspiration from?  Who do you follow on Instagram?

Nat Geo is a constant source of inspiration, via its magazine edition, instagram page, and back catalogue of books. 

I prefer looking at photography on a printed page so don’t spend a lot of time browsing Instagram or the internet, however I do enjoy the feeds of: @Somewheremagazine, @oftheafternoon, @paperjournalmag and @aintbadmagazine. Photographic legends such as Steve McCurry, Nadav Kander also keep the bar high.

Do you shoot specially for any travel brands?

I’ve worked on ad campaigns for Chevron in Kazakhstan and Chrysler Jeep in Hong Kong in the last couple of years, a lot of my trips are on spec and I’ll look to sell / license the work afterwards.

 What would be your ideal travel commission?

The job I shot in Hong Kong was on the face of it the dream commission because it was such a loose brief, allowing me a lot of creative freedom. I discovered that this can also be curse – as you are left with a lot of questions to answer. For example with limited shoot time I had to make decisions on where in Hong Kong to go, and which areas to concentrate on shooting – whether to work on the architecture or search for portrait subjects.

My ideal travel commission at the moment would be to explore and document the landscapes and cultures of the Himalayan Mountain ranges, taking in Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, India and China. Might be waiting for a while for this one to come through i guess : )

Tell us about one of your more recent adventures..

I spent most of January traveling around Myanmar, it was a fantastic trip, to a country which is emerging from years in the wilderness, and is now welcoming visitors. (Visa restrictions on foreign tourists were relaxed 5 years ago.) The best images from the trip are on my site here.

I’d heartily recommend this destination before it gets too busy.

Do you have a visual diary of your adventures and/or a favourite shot?

Landscape near Hpa-an at dawn, Kayin State. Myanmar, Asia

See above. I was in a less visited region of Myanmar – the South Eastern state of Kayin. I didn’t have an obvious plan beforehand of what I would shoot there – so I had to go out and explore on a hired motorbike. This location had potential when I found it the day before, but I knew with morning mists and soft dawn lighting it could be a strong shot. Then as I was exposing the first frames this farmer with his cattle emerged from the bushes, adding human interest and scale, and completing the shot.


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