Ashley Corbin-Teich

Ashley Corbin-Teich is a photographer and creative based in Los Angeles. She is a storyteller who came to photography from a childhood of make-believe, theatre, dress-up and lots of glitter and hot glue. These days she enjoys finding interesting people and telling their stories in her editorial work and conceiving and realising creative concepts for her commercial clients. She is an adventurer, traveler and yogini who loves to surf, camp and explore and is always eager to learn, try new things and meet new people.

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A shot of a single object that expresses a powerful memory/event?

This portrait I took of my grandmother in her home feels like it really captures her and it conjures my childhood fascination and memories of her. She had this table full of little porcelain animal families that I was obsessed with, but not allowed to touch, she had a white lacquered vanity with lights around the mirror and a closet full of high-heels and wide belts with giant buckles, her style always awed me. She is in her 90s and remains this fascinating, classy, strong and put together lady.

Three books that have inspired you?

Bob Richardson by Bob Richardson, edited by Terry Richardson – art book entirely in black and white

True Stories by Sophie Calle – a little art book of visual and written stories

The Pearl by John Steinbeck – a novella that is simple and poetic

Favourite photo you have taken?

This constantly changes, but I’ll go with this photo of one of my favourite models and people and the chicken couldn’t have been better behaved for the shoot!

We’re interested in your predictions for visual trends in 2017

 Can you suggest 3 visual trends for 2017? 

–Strong women

–More realistic and varied bodies and shapes being represented and normalised across advertising and all media

–Gold, metals, glitz and glamour everywhere

Why do you think clients are looking for this type of content?

–Advertorials have been a growing trend where real life and fictional life blend into aspirational, but relatable and seemingly achievable imagery. These images are representing a more diverse population, which consumers are responding to and they are speaking to a generation of millennials who value experiences over material things. They are selling a lifestyle rather than a product. These images borrow from real life, even if they reflect it through a rose-tinted lens. 

Looking at one of the trends you suggested more closely, why do you think this will be popular?

–On January 21st 2017 more than 2.5 million people marched at the women’s marches in cities across the USA and around the world to stand up for women’s rights, civil rights, human rights, healthcare, the environment and many other things threatened by the Trump agenda. Museums are collecting and archiving the handmade signs, and brands and advertisers are certainly trying to figure out how to tap into this collective uprising and force. Women are not backing down, they are unifying, rising up, demanding what they want and showing their power. From the female CEO in her pantsuit, to the nipple bearing punk rocker with her fist in the air, to the little girl with big dreams, we are going to see strong women represented across all media.

How will you incorporate this into your stock productions and why will it help?

–I will try to represent diversity in race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, body type, religion etc in positive and normalising ways without making that diversity the subject of the image. In addition to focusing on images depicting powerful and successful women, I also plan to shoot examples of positive relationships between women, which I think are often underrepresented.

What search terms and concepts do you think will trend in 2017?

Power; Action; Equality; Inequality; Diversity; Rebel


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