Antonio Saba, 1966

Born in Sardinia, Antonio spent his childhood in his hometown Cagliari and his grandparents home in Barumini, a small town in the Sardinian countryside.

After completing his studies at Istituto Europeo di Design in 1987, where he specialized in advertising photography, Antonio began working professionally, mostly for italian clients until 1996. In that year he moved to Los Angeles for a year to complete his experience in dealing with such a challenging market.
From 1997 to 2012 he set up his own studios in Milan and Cagliari shooting primarily for international clients and magazines. 

In 2013 Antonio began working in Dubai where he is now based full-time, shooting more and more for the Middle East and the Far East markets.

Antonio’s projects nowadays span Costa Rica, the USA, Italy, France, Dubai, China and Japan. 
In addition to these he works as a personal photography consultant for one of the most important Royal Families in the United Arab Emirates.
An Antology of Antonio’s most recent work is featured in his Coffee Table book, Chasing Beauty.

Personal Exhibits:

“Oneirism, Dreamscapes in Exhibition”: Bangkok, November 2018.
“Tokyo Landscape”, official event at “Festival del Film di Roma 2010” exhibited at The Museum of Modern Art “ Carlo Bilotti” in Rome.
“Visionarya Industrya” exhibited in Cagliari, at the Ghetto degli Ebrei in 2003, and in Vilnius, Lituania in 2004.
Antonio Saba’s Vision of Lithuanian Food Factories” exhibited in 2006 in Vilnius, Klaipeda, Kaunas, Rokiskio in Lituania.
“La Bellezza della Fisica” exhibited in Cagliari, at the Cittadella dei Musei in 2005.

Represented by Image Source, Antonio Saba’s stock photoshoots is featured in Getty Images, Corbis collection and in all major stock libraries in the world.
You currently reside in In Dubai, where else have you lived and worked and how does it differ?
I grew up in Sardinia, Italy, and lived in Cagliari, Milan, Los Angeles and now Dubai. Italy has a variegated market in terms of photography clientele, mostly local firms with small access to big assignments with international firms. In the USA you can deal with huge assignments that most of the times watch to international diffusion of your work, involving big amounts of money but at the same time you have very valuable competitors. In the last five years I have been based in Dubai, which is undoubtedly the economic capital of the Middle East and North Africa in terms of editorial and advertising photography.  So living in Dubai puts you in the spotlight for all the most interesting assignments of these regions and also is a very comfortable position to look at the far east markets like China, Hong Kong and  Thailand f.i..
What style of work do you have exhibited at the Civic Museums of Calgari in Italy?
Actually this spring I had the honour of having three of my dreamscapes photographs being acquired in Civic Museums of Cagliari’s permanent collection. The dreamscapes are my most recent fine art photographs, I have featured some of them in my last coffee table book “Chasing Beauty” published this early 2018. I also just signed for a personal exhibition in Bangkok during the Art Biennale 2018, “Antonio Saba. Oneirism, Dreamscapes in Exhibition” from November 2018 to January 2019
What defines your style as a photographer?
I always say that I speak two languages in photography, the steady very well prepared staged photography, and the “candid” handheld lifestyle. 
How do you engage audiences with your imagery, is there a narrative to how you shoot?
I try to capture my audiences with beauty, nothing else, I am not interested in provoking or using other means. My conceptual photography, where I feel free the most have always some ironic, surreal mood, and look like a moment frozen in time, but the consistent mantra needs to be Absolute Beauty, that I chase always in my work following the path of the Renaissance masters.
If you could jet-off to anywhere in the world right now with no limits, where would you go and what would you shoot?
I will be flying soon to Bangkok to shoot three new pics for my exhibit, then maybe Manila and next year Cuba. No need to dream, I am actually doing this…!

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