Adrien Crasnault

Adrien is London based photographer specialising in Lifestyle & People, Fashion, Kids and advertising photography.

Having moved to the UK from France in 1999, Adrien refined his self taught photography skills and is highly adept at delivering in this innovative and creative industry. His value of spontaneity and flair for capturing the true emotions of his subjects has seen his work take him around the world.



What websites/blogs/people do you draw inspiration from?  Who do you follow on Instagram?

I take inspiration from the people that I encounter in everyday life. I have a subscription with kinfolk magazine and I often browse on and

Instagram is also a really good source for inspiration, I would say my favourite people to follow at the moment would be @ryanschude and @vincentpeters1

What camera do you use on your shoots and what’s the back-up?

I like to shoot with the Canon 5dmark3 and will usually carry a spare with me, I’m looking to upgrade but haven’t quite made up my mind yet! Depending on the job I will sometimes use the Phase one.

Please can you take a photograph of your kitbag, highlighting your favourite item, why you like it and a time when it has saved you! #everydaycarry

My favourite item would be gaffa tape, it always comes handy in every situation. We had reflector that got ripped in the middle of the shoot and gaffa saved the day. Also my field notes pad is always good to write what out my shot list on.

What are your preferred lenses to use when shooting; low-light, high-speed, portraiture and landscapes?

I am a prime shooter only, I own a 35mm f1.4L, 50mm f1.2L a If I want to zoom I move. At the moment I really enjoy my 85mm F1.2L such an amazing and sharp lens.

What would you recommend as a good point and shoot under £500?

I just bought a Lumix Gx80 with a prime 20mm f1.8 such a great camera to carry on everyday basis, highly recommended!!


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