Brendan Meadows

Each Friday we ask a photographer about 5 things that give an insight into their image-making. This week Canadian photographer Brendan Meadows, whose clients include Vice, Inventory and AMC. What do you mean there aren’t over 30 dancers in that image Brendan?!

These Five Things is a brief intro to a photographer whose work we will profile more extensively next week. Canadian photographer Brendan Meadows explains the significance of a crumbling facade, the inspirations on his bookshelf, and recreates a movie still from the contents of his bag.

1. A shot of a single object that expresses a powerful memory/event

Brendan Meadows: Empire Boy

This was during my first trip to Barbados. Been over 30 times now and was married there last Spring. The memory was in the timing. The photograph was taken two years after the British reign on the island and the crumbling facade has a significance against the shallow depth of the portrait.

2. Favorite Artist/Photographer/Image-Maker?

Franke W. Ockenfels III, Nadav Kander

3. Books that that have inspired you?

Brendan Meadows

4. Favorite image you’ve shot?

Brendan Meadows

Only because it signified a real marker in my skill-set moving forward. There were only 6 girls used here and done as a commission for a ballet program in Toronto. That location is foyer to Westside Studio where it all began for me. This image pulled together concept, lighting and shop’d skills in what looks pretty seamless. It marked the end of one phase and the beginning of another.

5. Recreate a scene from your favorite movie from the contents of your desk/bag?

Have you worked it out yet? If not find out Monday!


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