Chevy Ad

Controversy over Chevy ad’s similarity to photo project “Dear Photograph” rumbles on.


Mashable have just reported on the ongoing low-level rumbling surrounding the Chevy ad which uses a similar technique to the deeply evocative Dear Photograph project we covered a while back.



Taylor Jones who runs the Dear Photograph site tweeted….



Matt Silverman on Mashable points out that Jones is not the first playing with photographs within photographs, citing photographer  Michael Hughes for one.


Others such as Ad Week’s Rebecca Cullers have pointed out the missed opportunity by Chevy to garner kudos through association with the original source. For many the issue is simply the proximity of the ad to the blog buzz surrounding Dear Photograph. Though in any case, whether car photos have the same mysterious nostalgia-magic as the anonymous memories posted on Taylor Jones’ site is a different issue. And the fact the Chevy ad is a moving image and has a soundtrack, means it loses the thrilling chill you get from the still, silent images of Dear Photograph when different moments in time mysteriously lock together.












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