JWT print ad for Benadryl

An ad for an allergy treatment begs the question: Why isn’t there more weird mask photography in advertising?


We were going to say how surprising it is that masks are used so little in print advertising, and then we saw this current spot by JWT London for Benadryl, showing allergy sufferers. Yikes. Scary. But actually, it’s very immediate, fascinating to look at, which overrides the instant freak-out factor. There was a mid-decade fad for imagery with animal masks and animal suits, which reached its zenith in Donnie Darko and the Bat For Lashes promo below (directed by Dougal Wilson).  Any other favourite or memorable mask adverts and promos?


[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EICkZWEzFGE’]


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