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Oreo Ad
Ad Age reports the unusual conjunction of an ad being both remembered by consumers and also being their favorite

On its release the week of Father’s Day the spot for Oreo’s was registered at the time as being the most effective according to Ace Metrix. Nearly a month on,  consumers still remember the ad in which a son wakes his Dad for a secret midnight snack.


Why did this ad strike such a positive note? Are we so culturally starved of images of Fathers and Sons that we grab on for dear life when we see one? Or are the images of this relationship we see on TV and Film so fraught with emotional baggage that the simplicity of the Oreo ad cuts through?


An ad about sharing – sharing time, sharing fun – for time-pressed fathers, the idea of grabbing precious moments with your kids clearly exerts a powerful pull.

Parent stock photos from Image Source.


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