Instant reaction to Google + is uncertain. But the way it has redefined relationships guarantees at least one image trend this year


Image Source. Businesspeople stock photos


You’re thinking – Your boss is a “Friend”.


Image Source. Businesspeople stock photos


That man from sales in the large corporation who was once a client of a “Friend” of a friend is also a “Friend”.


Image Source/Charles Gullung


And then there’s the friend who once stuck a frog down the back of your dress  but that’s ok because she was five and you pranked her back 20 years later and you’re still friends.


Image Source/Maria Schriber. Businesspeople stock photos.


And one morning you wake up sweaty because the messy photos from your friend’s 30th were posted up and you wonder at what point in your life did your mum become your “Friend”?


That might be what you’re thinking or at least that’s what Google hopes you’re thinking with the launch of Google +, its alternative to Facebook, which re-defines relationships in terms of Circles.  If people do take up Google + (and Facebook Groups hasn’t really worked) the visual language of “Circles” will have ballooned in advertising and marketing before the year is out.


Image Source/Cultura




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