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Old Spice
Old Spice are running an internet duel between the Old Spice Man and Fabio. When fictional characters start talking to each other in their own ads, it’s a sign of genius, madness, or ad world vanity

Has Old Spice just got way too self-conscious and knowing?  The celebrated multi-award-winning Old Spice ad was funny because of its sheer cheek – an ad that signaled how it was being put together while charming us at the same time. It was the Penn and Teller of adverts.


The new ad with Fabio parodies the first ad, which already parodied the visual cues of masculinity and male cosmetics advertising. Are you keeping up? I’m not sure I am. We’ll wait and see what happens in the face-off between these two characters.


[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykCExCla1tE&feature=relmfu’]



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