UBank campaign by Australian agency Three Drunk Monkeys. Photographer Penny Clay
Ads curating everyday objects reflect wider trend

We highlighted the Andy award-winning IKEA Homemade Is Best cookbook earlier in the week, noting its visual appeal to our sense of ‘order’ and the pleasure in carefully organising and arranging things.  The gentle humour of the UBank campaign in Australia, created by Three Drunk Monkeys and shot by Photographer Penny Clay, pictures bad habits in contrast to their pitch of good habits such as saving.  Despite the overall message it’s impossible not to admire the knotting and colour of the plastic straws and sweet-natured doodles, though the chewed pens is a dealbreaker. The photography of carefully arranged objects appeals to our sense of finding pattern, cataloguing and making sense of stuff. Photographs showing the curation of everyday objects is an extension of how people increasingly curate their lives on Flickr and Faceboook.



Three Drunk Monkeys




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