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A video report of Jonathan Harris’ photography project Today

Jonathan Harris,  a truly original digital age creative, captures an age-defining year in life-defining photos


“When I turned 30,” writes Jonathan Harris about his project Today, “ I started a simple ritual of taking one photo a day and posting it online, along with a short story, before going to sleep. I continued this for 440 days, producing a portrait of my life at 30.” His own bio describes him as someone who “makes projects that reimagine how humans relate to technology and to each other.”Harris is best known for his web projects 10×10 and We Feel Fine. Much of his work is about exploring a moment in time, and photography is the perfect medium to explore that. Today asks what is a moment in time, how do we fill it as human beings, how does this moment connect to other moments? Harris calls his project “an assisted living centre for memory.” This film about the project is by his friend Scott Thrift.


Jonathan Harris’ homepage

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