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Evan Seitz, Color Reel

Motionographer Evan Seitz has done it again. A beautiful set of animated icons prods, stimulates and massages the brain into guessing the movie name in his 32-second animation, Color Reel

Atlanta-based editor Evan Seitz delivers the third in a series of visual games. His creative reductions have lead to ABCinema, where cinema was boiled down to alphabets

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Films slimmed down to the number in their name

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And now films represented by the color in their name. The mash of icons and sounds he creates echoes and rumbles and rushes around in your brain like the stargate sequence in 2001 until….you watch it again! Reflecting the trend in image-making condensing meaning for info-saturated time-starved folk.

What next from the master of movie minimalism?

Thanks Animal 


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