Mini campaign in central Berlin


While some say the flash-mob is becoming a default for guerilla marketing, Mini have exploited a very old platform to do something very interesting with graphics and photography


Mini are carving out a whole visual space for themselves through graphics and photography. Draft FCB’s campaign in Switzerland, called “Minimalism”, strips back the posters on billboards, carving out the distinctive shapes of the car.



Draft FCB’s campaign in Switzerland for Mini.



While in their live “It’s Personal” campaign on Berlin’s Kurfurstendamm, pedestrians can walk into a photo-booth, put on a set of brightly coloured headphones, choose their favourite model of mini and get snapped with it. The photo appears live on a large billboard. Facebook users can also join in. “Through the personal configuration of the model,” explains says Julia Hartmann of MINI Brand Management, “along with their choice of colours, we encourage them to express their personality – in front of friends and a global audience.” There has been some talk that the flash mob genre is now the default “guerilla marketing’, and advertisers and clients need to be careful that the flash mob doesn’t lose its sense of spontaneity for consumers. It seems Mini have already decided that smart graphics and photography are compelling scene-stealers.



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