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Camp + King for Old Navy
New Old Navy campaign makes fake ads poking fun at stereotypes. Another campaign in a trend for self-knowing takes on male figures 


Male clichés are the mood of the moment in advertising (see Old Spice), demonstrating that clients believe: 1. Men are so secure in their own identity they will bellow deep manly guffaws at these parodies of them; or 2. Men really are confused with the variety of images of what it is to be a man and are easy marks for funny ads that poke fun at a male stereotype or 3. When it comes to clothes there’s no point in pitching at men because it’s Wives and Girlfriends who influence and/or do the shopping. 

Not so, says Amy Curtis-McIntyre, Senior-VP Marketing at Old Navy. Their new TV, print and mobile campaign pokes fun at metrosexual man and corporate man, or in the words of Adrants, “the Eurotrash vampire metrosexual and the cowboy complex. “ Quite.  In an interview with Ad Age Curtis-McIntyre says, “There’s a no-BS mentality to the way men shop. They know what they want, what they like and when they find something that fits well and serves a purpose, they won’t shop around,” sais Ms. Curtis-McIntyre said. “We’ve found that if men like a particular cut or style of a shirt or pant, they’re more likely to buy multiples.” They don’t like shopping.

Whether working with photography or moving images, the cuurent trend for picturing archetypes/stereotypes of masculinity mixes self-consciousness with humour. Which, as Old Navy recognise, is pretty well the traditional male attitude to fashion.


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Camp + King for Old Navy


Men stock photos.


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