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When it comes to selling to men and women, marketers have believed that certain products left the toilet seat up and others left it down. But in hard times, marketers are looking to expand traditional target markets. How will that effect imagery?


In a recent feature in The Marketer, Muireann Bolger reported on a new direction by brands who are looking for new opportunities in difficult economic conditions.


It seems that products which were previously gendered – chocolate advertising is essentially invisible to men while beer is distinctively male – are now being looked at with new eyes by marketers.


For  example Carlsberg’s have launched Eve, a Lychee flavoured beer, while Coke Zero has been successful in the male market unlike Diet Coke which was considered too feminine.


So how will this effect advertising imagery? What will be the female version of Budweier’s Wassup? And what form will male chocolate ads take? In the UK there is the 1970s archetype of Yorkie, which had a physical girth and advertising style which seemed to suggest that the male psyche was so insecure, men could only eat chocolate while driving a large articulated lorry (no penis-envy there then).


Any suggestions for cross-marketing advertising male/female products?


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