Magwatch 2


The first of our round-ups of magazine covers, looking at pictures, patterns and “pork” – unless that is, the pig portraiture theme on Modern Farmer isn’t a major trend!

Our Creative Director shot these covers while in Los Angeles at our photographer workshop on the weekend of 30 March. Here are the “Cover Maths”.

  • 6 Portraits (human)
  • 3 Iconic Figures
  • 2 Magnifying Glasses
  • 1 Wedding Cake
  • 1 Stethoscope
  • A Pig

The Best Coverline:

Modern Farmer’s “The Next Pig Thing”

An Old Classic

Always a pleasure to see the magnifying glass uncovering the evidence for the intrepid reader, breaking up the plane of the image. As an icon, it now stands for ‘search’ But as an image, used astutely, the magnifying glass lends that little buzz of fear – what is really lurking below the surface? And the brilliant thing is, when is the last time you ever saw someone, in real life holding a magnifying glass?


Firstly, I wish I could come back in another life as Einstein, failing that I wish could come back and own the image rights to Einstein’s face – “Genius”, “Science” and in this case “Thinking”.

The Next Big Thing?

Being big fans of Miss Piggy, Piglet, Babe and BLTs we’d love to agree with Modern Farmer that our smart, even-toed ungulate friends are the Next Pig Thing. But, from Foreign Affairs‘ “Next Tech” cover to Harper’s stethoscope, from Pacific Standard‘s bug to The Economist‘s “Rise of the Robots” cover, we’d have to plump for “Scary Science”. Why Scary? Well mostly because with science imagery we don’t know what it is we’re looking at in the image, or what it means, even if the coverline is  friendly or neutral – “Next Tech”.  Or look at the crop of the Harper‘s cover where the absence of a face makes the image more ‘open’, but also anonymous. I’m already thinking Michael Crichton. Even if this feature is about self-diagnosis, what will I discover? What is my bedside manner?  Am I going to be House or Doug Ross?  All I know is that E=MC2,  so I’m going to kick back with my copy of Rotman Management and the proof that ballet is science – or is it the other way round?


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