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As the buzz around the new series of Mad Men builds, how has the series impacted on the image of business stock photos?

“We might not dress as snappy as them, but I feel like there’s more interesting things going on this year,” Dave Droga of Droga5 tells Ad Age Editor Abbey Klaassen. There is a glamour to office life in Mad Men that you might expect to see reflected in business stock photos.

Indeed, TV companies over the last 18 months have sought to reproduce the Mad Men formula on an airline (Pan Am), in a club (Playboy Club) but these retro shows for various reasons haven’t caught the public imagination.

Droga suggests that may be we are in a new golden age of advertising, that the best of adverting may be in its future. This may be true, but what certainly is true that Droga’s clothes reflect the new world of business stock photography much better than the nostalgic world of Mad Men.

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If Mad Men reflects a corporate world, the fact is we are living in an age of small and medium size businesses, people setting up businesses at home, freelancing from hot spots in cafes, it’s a world with different codes and rituals expressed in the construction of business stock photos. Like Droga, the typical models are more informal, less stiff, being buttoned up is the price for looking sophisticated.

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While Mad Men may push our buttons, images of business life being used in advertising are much more diverse.

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