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Lindsay Lohan film by Richard Phillips
Lindsay Lohan movie at the Venice Biennale sees prominent critic making case for moving image over still image. But don’t ignore the involvement in film of the man known as  ‘photo whisperer’


The moving image is better than still image according to The Guardian newspaper’s Art Critic Jonathan Jones, “the photographic image is not as rich as a painting or a drawing – until it starts to move. The films of Alfred Hitchcock and Luchino Visconti offer poetic images that go far beyond photographs.” Great examples, but we’d just say, “William Egglestone”  and “Gregory Crewdson.


But Jones’ evidence ultimately rests on a one minute 38 second movie, Lindsay Lohan, by Richard Phillips showing at the Venice Biennale. “Lohan is seen as an almost mythical beauty,” writes Jones, “a pop goddess framed against the sparkling sea, contemplating her own outsized image. The image is bigger than she is.” That may be the case.


But what’s most interesting is the fact that the director asked Pascal Dangin to do Color Mastering. Dangin, known as the ‘photo whisperer’, is an artist of the digital image, celebrated for his gift in digital retouching. Perhaps some of the critical adulation might be shared by this modern master of the still image.


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