David Lynch talks to the head of Barbie in an ad for his new coffee brand

In what bloggers are ranking as one of the strangest ads ever, filmmaker David Lynch promotes his own coffee brand


Given that film director David Lynch built his Twin Peaks TV series around a detective whose catch phrase was “Damn fine cup of coffee”, and the mysterious death of a young blonde woman, perhaps the ad for his new coffee brand isn’t strange at all. Lynch chats with the head of Barbie, held in the palm of his hand, about his organic, fairly traded coffee brand. There’s the trademark Lynch contrast between weird imagery and cute music that makes it all feel a little queasy. Do you really want that cup of coffee now or would you rather go for a lie down?


The high-drama weirdness of it all disguises his lo-fi approach, simple music, dialogue and image. The lo-fi aesthetic is difficult to execute well, it can very easily look, just, poorly put together, but there’s method in Lynch’s madness.





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