The Making of the current Macallan Masters of Photography project

How much do you love whisky? And photography? The latest project in The Macallan Masters of Photography will test how much. With the limited edition of 1,000 bottles, in four different images, the price of $2,750/£1,700 will test your commitment

Annie Leibovitz’s set of four photos for the whisky label, and signed print, is the third in the series of Macallan’s masters series.

On the whisky exchange you can buy one of the previous Macallan editions with labels (and book) by photographer Albert Watson for £999.

The first project was created by Rankin, who shot 1,000 Polaroids of his wife Tuuli on the Macallan estate in Speyside, Scotland.

The Annie Leibovitz series features, dramatic, and heroically masculine backdrops for actor Kevin McKidd (Grey’s Anatomy, Rome, Trainspotting): The Library, The Gallery, The Bar and The Skyline. Each shot has the hazy, soft, ochre lighting, conjuring up the twilight world of the gentleman whisky drinker enjoying the luxury of this expensive whisky.

Those who are interested can register their contact details and a Macallan representative will be in contact.


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