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At a time when good quality smartphone cameras make everyone a photographer, seemingly making the conventional, standalone camera redundant for the consumer, Leica is bucking the trend

It seems that while photography may have been ‘democratized’, one company is banking on the idea that a certain photographic heritage and tradition will have an exclusive, and lucrative appeal.

Bloomberg Businessweek reports that by 2016 camera-maker Leica will have grown from 37 stores to 200 worldwide, aiming at the serious photography devotee. They are clearly banking on the passion and discrimination of the photography lover, as according to the Consumer Electronics Association data cited by Bloomberg, last  year saw camera sales down 8.3 percent in the US  – to $6.2 billion.

The plush new stores showcase Leica’s upmarket appeal. Chief Executive Officer Alfred Schopf told Bloomberg, “We are showing a dedication to the quality of photography.”

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