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New Lady Gaga promo, Judas

New Lady Gaga promo “Judas” mixes bikers, the Bible, and a dash of Federico Fellini. Stir, and sprinkle with controversy


“Ambitious, strange, beautiful and deeply thought-provoking, much like Gaga herself,’ says MTV’s Buzzworthy Blog, still true believers.  New York magazine blog The Vulture pay homage to Miss Gaga’s media magnetism but aren’t so evangelical, “it is something of an “event,” but despite the crowns of thorns, biker gangs, impressive eyeliner, and religious symbolism, this feels less “eventful” than videos past.”  While The Guardian in London judge that, “in many ways, the fact that Judas isn’t particularly ‘controversial’ and doesn’t get weighed down by its own importance means that it’s actually much more enjoyable as a music video.’ Gaga’s take on the video captures her style-mashing approach, its “a motorcycle Fellini movie where the apostles are revolutionaries in a modern-day Jerusalem.”


The promo is a collaboration between Gaga and Larieann Gibson, who has created choreography for Gaga on videos such as Poker Face and more recently Born This Way.


Jesus, or a Jesus-like figure, is not an uncommon character alluded to in music promos, from Madonna who majored in religious imagery, to the more surprising. Opinion is divided on social sites, what do you think of the Gaga promo. Heaven or Hell?




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