Image Source: Rachel McKenna

Look away now or forever be mesmerised by the cuteness of these kittens

Why is this spread from our latest ISM Briefing Cute 22 so damn cute?

1. Its got Kittens, and they are staring, directly at you, through your eyes boring right down to that cute fleshy little pump thing we call a heart.

2. Look, the kittens are holding hands. Paws. They are best friends. If you find yourself lying down by your desk waiting to have your tummy tickled in an ecstasy of cute, just show your colleagues the picture.

3. The hammock factor. Let’s face it, who hasn’t at some point between the age of 2 and 8 fell in love with the hammock, with the idea of sleeping between the trees, outdoors, swaying, looking at the stars. The hammock is what beds dream of when they want to be cute.

And just to feed your Cute addiction here’s a cute video of a “Surprised Kitten.” What’s cute about a surprise kitty I hear you say. Join the otherĀ 61,576,309 viewers and find out.

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