180 Amsterdam. Photo by Laura Pannack

An image from charity campaign on the impact of what’s said by adults. The tattoo reads, “Your Mother ruined us all”. An emotionally powerful low-key approach

In the words of the Oscar nominated movie The Kids Are All Right. Or are they? There’s some mixed messages in imagery of kids at the moment. Riding high in the Viral Video Chart is this High Five for First Kiss Video. High Cute factor. On the other hand we worry, fret and shoot psychologically unsetttling imagery of them. This campaign by 180 Amsterdam has been created for a Dutch organisation called SIRE, who Creative Review report are “a group of advertising and marketing leaders who donate their time to create work that raises awareness of social issues.” Isolation, loneliness and hurt. Lighting and composition give Laura Pannack’s photographs emotional power. And the heart-wrenchingly sad tattoos with the tagline “What You Say During Divorce Stays Forever.”




The tattoo reads “if you go to your father you can stay there.”



The tattoo reads, “Forget your Dad, he’s already forgotten you.”


While some children’s charities prefer to use more overtly brutal imagery, the lower key approach of this of this imagery is at least as effective in generating the kinds of emotion to make adults think twice about what is said in moments of extreme stress.



Child stock photos.


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