Image Source / Old Visuals

Keywords help image buyers quickly grasp potential image use. But, like Twitter poetry, maybe keywords are a new 21st Century Art form.¬†Ellie Jefferies creates… Keyword Haiku

Keywords, whether descriptive or conceptual, are essential ways to capture the look and meaning of an image. They translate the complex visual messages in an image into searchable data. But looking at a factual caption and long list of keywords associated with an image, the words can become disconnected from the immediate feeling that the image inspires.

How might the words be presented in a way which says more? How about Keyword Poetry? How about… Keyword Haiku?! Keyword Haiku expresses the keywords of an image in the classic Japanese art form. My first haiku is composed of the keywords attached to the image below and the poem can be used as a search query.

Image Source RM / Yevgen Timashov

Beauty in nature

Twisted tree, moonlight Black Sea

Blue serenity


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