Agency: Fallon Minneapolis. Photography: Nadav Kander

As advertisers and image makers get ever more playful in image-making, we note a trend in image-making inviting the viewer to lose themselves in glorious photography and retouching detail

1. Sugar Overload

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas trades on a vibe of decadence and oddity with some notes of irony. This set of images manages to be both excessive and cute, the only Penthouse party with a sugar-high.

Agency: Fallon Minneapolis

Photography: Nadav Kander

2. Dirty Driving

The off-road Jeep experience is so real back-seat toddlers need goggles, helmet  and mountain boots. Spattered with mud Jeep-toddler removes his goggles to check everything is ok

Agency CumminsRoss Melbourne

Photographer Garry Moore

3. Old School Meets New School

Photographer Arthur Mebius announces his iPad portfolio with some shots from the dark room. Aanalog and digital at the same time, it’s a beautiful thing.


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