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As the release of the iPhone 4s has ranged from “Yawn” to “Yaay!”, we round up the response to the iPhone 4s’ new camera, including a big thumbs up from a sector which sees huge value in the 8mp camera and a Dad who recognizes the value of the new camera’s speed 


“So just how hot is your new 8megapixel camera?” is the question we’d like shiny new iPhone to answer, and with the new Siri Voice assistant it could probably rustle up a response. Described by Nick Bilton in The New York Times as “A female Hal who had too many vodka tonics at the bar” a sober reponse to our question might not be forthcoming. But just what will the iPhone 4s images be like? 



While the overall reaction to Apple’s new object of desire has so far been underwhelming, the response to the phone’s new camera and 1080p HD video has been overwhelmingly positive.


Wired: Mike Isaac

Wired points out that the iPhone 4 is already the most popular camera used on Flickr and the new model no stands up against other point-and-shoot cameras. With photo editing functions, 60 percent more pixels and an extra lens, picture quality is going to get a whole lot sharper.


“The iPhone 4S really beefs things up on the photo front. It packs an 8-megapixel camera that comes in at 3,264 x 2,448 resolution. That’s 60 percent more pixels than the iPhone 4’s 5-megapixel camera. A backside-illuminated sensor ensures that those extra pixels don’t go to waste by gathering more light into the shot. The iPhone 4s’camera is composed of five Apple-designed lenses (there were four in the iPhone 4), providing a 30 percent sharper image. It’s got an f/2.4 aperture, which lets in more light, and a hybrid IR filter for better color accuracy and more color uniformity.”


Gizmodo: Matt Honan

Apple’s as a brand have created such high expectations that reviewers such as Gizmodo’s Matt Honan need to remind us of just how good some of the tech is in this phone.


“Look, there’s a lot of cool new stuff in the iPhone 4S. That 8MP camera is going to make my otherwise boring mealtime shots of future poo look fantastic. As a new parent, I’m super excited for the faster shutter speeds that move at the speed of children. That 1080p video appeals to me like boobs to a teenage boy.”


Mashable: Jennifer Van Grove

Apple may have sang the praises of previous iPhone cameras, to the amazement of other smartphone users with far more megapixels for their buck, but now according to Mashable’s Jennifer Van Grove, Apple’s cameras are walking the walk.


“for the first time, the iPhone camera hype matches up with reality. The iPhone 4S sports a new camera with an an 8 megapixel sensor, a new fifth lens, an enlarged aperture, face detection and reduced motion blur, meaning it legitimately rivals the specs of point-and-shoot cameras. The camera also now allows for basic photo editing, so users can crop and rotate photos, auto-enhance photos and remove red-eye.


Specs aside, this is a camera that you’ll actually want to take your photos with — no sacrifices here. And for many, as Apple noted, the iPhone 4S will be the only camera they ever use.”


So the point-and-shoot camera sector may what to have a think of how tehy can compete with the fact that Apple have finally provided a credible contender.


The Guardian: Charles Arthur

For The Guardian’s Charles Arthur, it is the half a second that it takes to shoot another picture that makes the iPhone 4s camera a better fit for the pace of modern life.


“I tried the camera on taking pictures, and the setup is really fast. It takes more pictures quickly too – almost like firing the motordrive on an SLR camera. Apple says it takes 1.1 second to get to the “click” part – faster than any in a list it provided – and that it’s then just 0.5 second to take another one. It’s impressive: camera setup delay is one of the niggles of modern life (especially smartphone life) that has crept up on us without anyone doing very much.”


Mobile Health News: Chris Gullo

But beyond being able shoot your kids’ chasing the dog round the garden, or vice versa, just what other opportunities does the new camera open up? One of the most interesting responses has been from the health sector which increasingly relies on apps for updates and communications between doctor and patient. Chris Gullo in Mobile Health News who argues that the new camera could lead to better remote diagnoses for patients recording symptoms.


“In the short-term, physicians and other healthcare providers, of course, will likely benefit from the better camera more so than consumers, because apps intended for use by physicians are already in place to take advantage of the upgrade. Take the new app from online physician network Sermo, which launched its first mobile app, called Sermo Mobile, this summer. The iPhone app’s primary feature is iConsult, a physician consultation feature that makes use of the phone’s camera:


“With three touches of the screen, physicians can take or add a photograph of a physical finding, x-ray or laboratory result, choose a suitable question from the list available and then immediately send it to relevant specialists in the Sermo network. Members can view and respond in real time, offering unparalleled access to shared medical expertise.” ‘


In summary, the iPhone 4S camera great for sports photography, fast moving jungle animals, kids running round and for Doctors wanting to share X-Rays. Flickr’s just got a whole new genre of photography heading its way.



Hi-tech stock photos from Image Source.


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