Photo sharers  on the Instagram App
What’s really behind the instant success of this photo app phenomenon 


The New York Times Business pages suggests the Instagram boom can be boiled down to three essential factors: the company’s  openness to developers helped it spread; ‘Instagramming’ is as simple as Tweeting; the apps’ filters made the usual blurry, hastily-shot photos look like works of art. 



All true, but at a deeper level Instagram is changing the rules of mainstream photography – taking pictures is no longer about the result but about the taking part. Instagram, as with Flickr before it, as with flashmob activities, celebrates the process as much as the product, and communal engagement rather than solitary isolated genius. If I want art I’ll go to a gallery, Instagram is about celebrating life through a photo. It’s just a thought, a moment in time. Mainstream media has jumped on twitter but hasn’t really cracked this direct, simple visual experience. It will be interesting to see whether it can create the right context to enter this visually-lead conversation.


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