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Promo for Republican Candidate Herman Cain

An ordinary political promo  lights up media via one incendiary moment


Herman Cain, Republican presidential candidate for 2012 provided an unusually heated political images, in a promo featuring his Chief of Staff, Mark Block.


Block’s impassioned plea to voters to get behind the Republican candidate is punctuated by the Chief of Staff dragging on a cigarette.


Ad Age reports Cain’s new-media Director as saying that the videographer Chris Burgard, “always tries to portray who a person really is when they are on camera, and I think this video does that.” This is clearly who Brock is and here are five things he may be saying with this image.



  1. I’m an Outsider. “Anyone got some non-tipped?”
  2. I’m an Insider. “I was standing outside the White House the other day, smoking a butt with the President…”
  3. The Media Man “Politics is all smoke and mirrors.”
  4. The Pitch to the Designer vote: “ There’s a beautiful symmetry between our ‘smoking’ logo and the cigarette.
  5. The Retro-Vote Pitch: “Mark Block? Sorry I don’t know what you mean. The name’s Draper, Don Draper.”




Smoking hot politics stock photos from Image Source.






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