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Sharp have just released the largest TV screen in America. “Big is too small a word” they say. The sheer size may encourage a different kind of picture making



The new campaign by McGarryBowen, New York for Sharp electronics 70 inch TV screen is targeting men age 35 to 54. According to Bob Scaglione, who talked to Ad Age, “Quite honestly, years ago we started speaking to women because they’re the gatekeepers,” he said. “But – and I’m speaking generally – we found that it’s still more of the men who are doing the heavy lifting in the … work of choosing the set.” He added, “We’ve come back to our roots in targeting sports-loving men.” The bigger question is what kinds of imagery would advertisers, and film-makers in general look to put on this screen, As Scaglione himself admits the size might “scare some people a bit.” How close do we want a close-up on a 70 inch screen in your living room?“ Maybe consumers might like a little bit of distance. “In Your Face” takes on a whole new meaning.


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