Image Source RF / Sonya Farrell

It’s that time of year again, when we mark the change of seasons with a unique set of rituals, symbols and images. Here’s the fast IMSO guide to images to help your business visualize ‘Change’ and ‘Tradition’  – the ultimate marketing combo.

1. Big Fruit

Our ancestors needed to stack up for the winter, harvest-time was a time of fingers-crossing for benign weather, and then thanksgiving for harvest. Two hundred years on, images of Harvest, Pumpkins. Fruit fields can signal more than Halloween. While Pumpkins as Lanterns have a lore of warding away evil spirits, nowadays  they signal concepts like Abundance, Achievement and Planning.  Business Message? We’re Prepared!

Image Source / Cultura RF

2. Localism

Fears around the impact of the Global economy and ecological issues has pushed ideas and images of Localism higher-up the agenda. Images of farmer’s markets and fresh food flags up that sense of Comfort, Trust and Environmental care that any organisation can tune into.

Image Source RF / Amy Eckert

3. Fresh Starts

Back to School isn’t just for kids – the optimism of new stationary and copybooks, the pressed uniforms and shared ambition all signal new Goals, Fresh Starts and Learning, all useful business messages.

Image Source / Jose Luis Pelaez Inc.

4. Experience

So it’s Harvest and now question everyone who picks berries in the Autumn faces – what the hell are we going to do with all that damn fruit?! Baking. Baking has become the sign of Craft and Wisdom. A kind of knowledge born from experience and legacy. Cakes and Baking signal Tradition and Comfort but also a kind of Knowledge born from love.

Image Source RF

5. Dressing-Up

Who’s against dressing up?  Grinches, that’s who! Dressing-up signals playfulness, humanity and openness.  A change of clothes (into costume) is a subtle way of communicating your business’ ability to Adapt, Improvise and get in touch with its childlike Creativity.


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