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The Digital Kitchen Grand Prix winning work for The Cosmopolitan Hotel
The Digital Kitchen work for The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas won a Grand Prix at Cannes. But more significantly, it may prompt new thinking about the use of images in architecture and interior design

Using photography, film and animation Chicago agency, The Digital Kitchen have created a architecture of special effects in the lobby of The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas.  Anthony Vitagliano, Executive Creative Director of Digital Kitchen, explains how they tried to challenge the guest “to think about the combination of film, architecture and interior design.”




The central columns in the lobby are wrapped in screens, the moving images displayed on the columns, bodies moving inside semi-transparent glass give the impression of volume, that there is someone inside.

The designers use film and photography to play with the visitors’ experience of inside and outside, surface and depth, the visual and the tactile.  Extensive use of mirrors mean not only is the visitor in a seamless canvas of imagery but as Anthony Vitagliano says “you don’t know where the top of the building ends and the floor begins. “



For architects such as Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown, Las Vegas has always been a test bed for new popular forms, styles and materials for architecture. The Digital Kitchen may prompt architects, interior designers and clients to think of still and moving imagery not as something static to stick on the walls, but as a way of creating walls that move and transform, a new kind mobile, fluid, architecture created from pictures.


Architecture stock photos from Image Source.


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