Image Source / Jonatan Fernström

It’s a skate wrapped in gold paper, right? Creative Manager Denise Taylor-Secretan explains why this image signals so much more and why it’s a winner when it comes to all-round usability. It’s an image decathalete!

Consider this: an estimated 900 million people worldwide watched some or all of the Olympics opening ceremony – that’s before the swimming and running and sweaty, gut-bursting commitment of the actual sports began.

So if you were a marketing person or Art Director working on a Christmas campaign, you’d want to slipstream some of this cultural memory. Take this skate wrapped in gold paper.

At a primary level it’s about “Sport”, it’s about being “Active”, and about the gift of  “Opportunity”.

Set on a little plinth, it’s also a work of Art. Wrapped in gold paper it speaks of “Glory”, the hearts on the paper talk of “Passion”, words that are core elements of the sporting vocabulary.

Most of all it’s an image about the “Future”, ‘Promise” and “Possibility”, highly relevant messages for many businesses.

The images from this series could be used by any sports retailers, gyms etc, who want us to buy into an idea of sports lifestyle, and also local authorities or health organisations, who need to promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle  – “give the gift of sport.”


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