Sebastian Marmaduke. Click on image for more detail

Why does the piggy bank make money? Here are the secrets of the animal kingdom’s smartest and most lucrative animal. By Denise Taylor Secretan

The piggybank probably one of most photographed stock subjects across all stock license models.  There are thousands of different versions to choose from. Why? Because it’s an image from childhood, it takes a serious subject which we are all a it anxious about – saving – and makes it safe and familiar.

Yet the simple iconic piggy bank is frequently used in high profile advertising spaces, and generates serious revenue.  The challenge is to stand out from the crowd!

This image works because it’s refreshing, modern and has a clever twist.  It doesn’t stray too far from the familiar and retains the simple message of the classic piggy bank shots. And who can resist a pig that laughs all the way to the bank…?!

The anthropomorphic expression adds that extra a bit of human empathy. You can send this pig photo out to work and he will bring home the bacon…you know what I mean…!

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