Photographer Igor Emmerich

Insight into the creative mind of Photographer Igor Emmerich – the memory of his Father, a domestic Olympics, and his inspiration from a Swiss artist who is thought-provoking with a sense of humour. Not unlike Igor

London-based photographer Igor Emmerich shoots Advertising, Lifestyle and Portrait photography for a wide array of clients – from the BBC to Microsfot and Virgin.

1. A shot of a single object that expresses a powerful memory?

Igor Emmerich’s multi-talnted father. Photographer Igor Emmerich

Igor Emmerich: I took this portrait of my father in his flat in Marbella, a short time before he died. He was a very talented and versatile man who could paint and draw, design houses and the bespoke furniture in them or the new typeface for a menu of a restaurant he was working on.

This shot reminds me of his love of life and hats.

2.Three books (photography/fiction/biography…) that have inspired you?

Photographer, Igor Emmerich

3. Favourite photo you have taken?

Photographer Igor Emmerich

Igor Emmerich: It’s a recent one; I took a series of 3 images to send out separately as part of an emailer campaign. There was so much coverage in the news and everywhere about the Olympics and the ‘heroes’ who took part in it, that I thought I would cover instead the ‘everyday’ Olympians and what superhuman tasks they got up to.

You can see the other 2 images in my blog.

4. Favorite artist/photographer/image-maker?

Igor Emmerich: Pipilotti Rist, a Swiss German artist. I recently saw an exhibition of her work at the Hayward Gallery, London, she combines film making with music she writes herself, and it’s visually striking and very, very funny too.

5. Can you recreate the image of a scene from a favourite movie from the contents of your desk/bag?

Photographer, Igor Emmerich

Which Film? Check back next week or send an email or check in on Twitter

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