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“Yes Robin! Another diabolical visual riddle. What’s even more fiendish Boy Wonder is that it’s inspired by the upcoming Batman movie!”

Batman fans will already recognise the mash-up in the copy between the lurid psychedelic camp of the 1960s Batman and the more recent comic-Gothic drama of the Tim Burton version and now Christopher Nolan’s Hi Def take on the Gotham superhero, each shot a perfect still.

Enter our competition and have a play with our mashup inspired by the dark drama of the Gotham cityscape. You could win a Moleskine diary, perfecting for crimefighting, decoding nefarious riddles, and making notes on a new brief. If you haven’t seen it already look at the Dark Night Rises  trailer which pitches Batman as a kind of crime-fighting martyr, followed below by’s selection of The Riddler’s 10 Best riddles from 1960s comic-book version.


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