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It’s not just fashion gurus heralding the magic of yellow for 2012. When graphic designer Daniel Gray showcased the strangely hypnotic power of Yellow on his ‘Swiss Cheese and Bullets’ blog, it reminded us of just how underrated yellow is



It mightn’t have the hipster cool of black or the hot danger of red, but yellow is hugely underrated. Here are five things to love about Yellow. 


1. Yellow Lego


1958 Lego System Dealer Catalogue from Swiss Cheese and Bullets



It’s not just the fashionistas who have been seduced by yellow’s chirrupy optimism. “I have a thing for yellow. Not just any yellow, but that very particular shade of almost-on-the-cusp-of-orange yellow,” writes graphic designer Daniel Gray. “I think it may have something to do with playing with Lego too much as a child … and teenager … and adult … and, let’s be honest, right now (please note: “Lego”, not “Legos”. If you say “Legos” then you aren’t welcome around these parts, sonny).” Wisdom from an experienced lego builder.


2. Debbie Millman’s Stolen Yellow Barrette


From Debbie Millman's Essay for fastcodesign


Gray’s love for a particular niche of yellow is not the only designer to have fallen for it’s bright charms. Design guru Debbie Millman’s confessional essay “Yellow: An Illustrated Essay on Branding and Desire” is a poignant reflection on how her lust for a yellow barrette disrupted a childhood friendship and taught her a lesson about consumer desire. Yellow can sometimes be just little too tempting.


3. The Yellow Border of National Geographic Magazine



And we’d like to pay homage to the yellow border of National Geographic magazine covers which has framed images since 1888. Perhaps its simply because it’s a more striking framing device than a white border, especially for a magazine highlighting the quality of its imagery. The yellow border is a portal on visual wonder.


4. Yellow Brazilian Shirts


Alex Bellos' classic sports book



The yellow shirts of the magical Brazilian soccer/football team are the perfect expression of soccer at its sunniest.


5. The typography by Siggi Eggertson on the Norton Security Ad



The ad just wouldn’t be so life-enhancingly yellow without Siggi’s subtly playful typography



And finally in the pantheon of great contributions by Yellow to civilization and the arts (be patient with the zig-zag logic here), there’s the electronic duo Yello, the artists and musicians Boris Blank & Dieter Meier. Being from Switzerland and all, they would no doubt have been gifted typographers  if they hadn’t been destined to provide the music for the closing sequence of the best teen movie of the 1980s.


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Send us in your favorite use of Yellow and we’ll compile your Top Ten.








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