Jogger Stretching

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With the credit crunch, and with the cultural impact of Nike advertising, “fitness images” are changing. Gym TV is out, urban grafitti is in as fitness images take off running round the block. Say “bye” to the Gym Bunny and welcome the jogger as “Urban Rebel”

The credit crunch twisted fitness images upside down and inside out like a yoga pose. Many consumers swapped the gym for the streets, as interest in urban running and even marathons surged.

Man Running in City
Image Source: Fitness Images

The shift in types of fitness images used is also partly due to the success of Nike in redefining the sports image as a gritty, improvised, lofi art form. It’s no surprise that despite the fact that Nike aren’t an Olympic sponsor (Adidas spent £100 million) according to Brand Republic they are most associated in the public mind with the Olympics.

“Research on web buzz – carried out by BrandWatch, commissioned by digital agency Jam – from 1 December to 7 February, shows that Nike is dominating conversations on the internet, with 7.7% of the conversations about the Olympics associated with the brand.”

The landscape and backdrop of fitness images have shifted to the city, visualizing the jogger as urban rebel.

Runner Stretching
Image Source: Fitness Images

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