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Gillette Video
Laser-Guided robots have tattooed an image of Roger Federer’s face in a field,  then human beings shaved it. He’s smoother than a field of freshly cut grass

We’ve recently detailed the brand ‘smoothness’ of Tennis Ace Roger Federer, but in the midst of the Wimbledon Grand Slam fortnight, Gillette have nodded to Wimbledon’s grass surface and used a field as a canvas to showcase Federer’s ultra-smooth face.


A 2,800 square meter image of his face is painted on a field of grass using laser guided robots then foamed up and shaved. A dedicated piece of creative involving 4,000 tins of diluted paint, 7 different shades of green, and 1,000 litres of environmentally friendly and biodegradable foam. They included a message from a fan generated from Gillette’s Facebook community.


A giant face in a field. Is this a spectacular addition to the Federer brand image of all-round cool? Or is it just daft?



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