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Olla Condoms
Cute baby virals are among the most shared on the web, yet the image of a baby in this campaign is calculated to inspire in young males very different emotions

Our Noo Emotions trend briefing, explores how the digital world has transformed our emotional life and is shaping the images picturing those emotions. But it’s hard to imagine the feeling generated by this ad by Brazilian agency AGE Isobar for Olla Condoms.


Fake baby Facebook profiles were created, then individual young men were contacted by Jr, who tried to ‘friend’ their new Daddy with a cute baby picture. And when ‘Dad’ friends his new ‘baby’ there is a link to the Olla website.


One can only imagine the emotional spectrum of young men ‘friended’ by this. Laughter? Panic? Thrilled? Terror? Followed by a release of breath. You don’t have to belong to the world of Second Life to register the impact the digital world is having on our psychological life. The experience of Fake Dad Syndrome is just the latest experiment in our digital emotional life.



Read ISM Briefing #1 ‘Noo Emotions’




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