Photographer: Ashley Jouhar

Creative Director and punk-sleeve art collector Ashley Jouhar, visits the exhibition, talk and book launch of The Art of Punk. He rediscovers some old favourites and the visual inspiration for some current campaigns

Who ?

D.I.Y. Punk Art courtesy of photocopier technology. Photographer: Ashley Jouhar

Panel chaired by Rick Poyner (Design Observer, Royal College of Art) consisting of graphic designers responsible for some of the  classic flyers, record covers and posters of the time: Malcolm Garrett (Buzzcocks, Magazine) Bill Smith (The Jam, The Cure) Peter Gravelle (The Damned, Generation X) Jo Mirowski (Sham 69) all accompanied by a great exhibition.


Photographer: Ashley Jouhar

Launch of The Art of Punk book and exhibition at the London College of Communication.

Decisive Moment?

Designer Bill Smith

The Jam cover for In the City album. B/W photograph of band looking moody against spray-canned band name on white tiled wall.  Perhaps the image which transitioned Punk into New Wave!


Converse ‘Design Your Own’ website

Stencilled lettering, spray can street art – Banksy, Nick Walker and others, DIY ethic (as seen in current Converse campaign), type with attitude.

Which Image? Which Room?

Back cover ‘negative’ of Jamie Reid’s Pretty Vacant sleeve for Sex Pistols

Jamie Reid’s two buses design for Pretty Vacant (destinations – Boredom and Nowhere). I’d hang it in the hall to remind myself that I’m not bored and I am going somewhere!

One question for the Image Maker?

Photographer: Ashley Jouhar

Is it Art or is it great graphic design? Like much of past ephemeral material, it would probably be shocked to discover it is hanging on walls and being discussed in hushed tones today! Having said that, I am more than happy to hang it on my walls…


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