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Imaginary Forces title sequence for Rubicon
Great title sequences by Imaginary Forces and Sarofsky Corp, and commercials highlighting the automobile’s place in family life, feature in this year’s Emmy nominations

The Emmy nominations reveal some familiar faces  with Imaginary Forces being nominated for the Outstanding Main Title Design for Boardwalk Empire and Rubicon.


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While Boardwalk Empire juxtaposes Steve Buscemi close-ups with footage of crashing waves in a lyrical sequence capturing story and character, Rubicon is a graphic designer’s sketchbook. full of visual textures, maps, symbols, typography, rich in detail, the perfect visual expression of conspiracy. Sarofsky Corp’s jumpy, impressionistic title sequence strikes a note of moody urgency for The Killing.


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Nominations for commercials also feature the big names with W + K’s Old Spice Questions a firm favorite. But fascinatingly two ads, “Baby“ for McDonald’s by TBWA\Chiat\Day, and “Baby Driver” by RSA for Subaru show how much the car features in the rituals of family moments.


In “Baby”, a no doubt sleep-deprived Dad drives around a McDonald’s drive-thru (a domestic version of Keanu Reeves’ Speed) in an effort to keep-going baby’s motion-induced sleep.


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In Subaru’s  “Baby Driver”, Dad can’t quite let go of the image of his teenage daughter as a young girl as she drives off for the first time. As fuel gets more expensive, and car use becomes less habitual, the image of the car as central to defining family rituals may have an increasingly mythic power


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