Actor John Hurt in Dunhill “Voices” campaign

Luxury designer brand Dunhill features elegant photo portraits for its A/W 2012 campaign. But no photographer credit means they have missed a trick in an age where great, expensive-looking photography is a premium luxury item

Dunhill launched their A/W 2012 campaign with a series of fascinating interviews with: architect, David Adjaye; artist and filmmaker Jamie Hewlett; and actor John Hurt. While the youtube promos are engaging enough it’s the double page spreads featuring classic, hypnotic black and white portraits that are most striking.

The portraits with their subtly changing gray background signal not just a kind of muted, gentlemanly sensibility promoted by Dunhill, but also expresses the grey areas of creativity only artists and the wealthy can afford in our hyper-busy, multi-tasking age.

Dunhill DPS, David Adjaye

The copy running in a panel along the side of the spread, offers the kind of thoughtful, provocative reflection on their craft by artists which you rarely see in editorial features nevermind in an advert. “When I’m in the middle of a performance and it’s going well,” says John Hurt, “I have no idea who I am.”

The words “Alfred Dunhill Ltd” are tucked away in the bottom corner of the photo presumably because they assume the photos are interesting enough to be shared online. But there is no photographer credit. What a missed opportunity by Dunhill! In an age when amateur photography is so ubiquitous, and premium, classic portraiture by a skilled craftsman seems to be a luxury, selecting someone to shoot great photos is the ultimate sign of good taste.

Dunhill DPS, Jamie Hewlett

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