A page from Jay-Z’s autobiography Decoded

Droga5 wins Grand Prix at Cannes Lions with combination of epic puzzle and image mapping


Droga5 won the Cannes Lion Grand Prix in the Outdoor category for its campaign syncing the release of Jay-Z’s Decode autobiography with the Microsoft Bing search engine. During the course of the campaign Bing saw an 11.7 per cent increase in visits with an average engagement of 11 minutes.




The length of engagement is no surprise as the campaign was an addictive puzzle. Pages from Jay-Z’s book were placed on various objects in various relevant locations on around the world throughout October and November 2010 and fans would decode clues. The challenge for Droga5 was to place each page in a location that reflected the page in the book. The individuals who discovered where the pages where would text and followers could see the image on Bing maps. And then wold take pictures of themselves along with the objects/pages.


The Droga5 Campaign intersects two wider cultural and image trends.

1. Storytelling As Communal Game  spawned by phenomena such as LOST, partly driven by a web culture of of play and gaming.

2. The photograph as map and message.

We’ve moved so rapidly from a world where photography was something we saved for holidays and special occasions to a world where we are using photography as location tool. Not just in the geographical sense, but in the sense of locating ourselves and our friends in a particular moment, in time and space.


The Droga5 may have won an award in Outdoor/Stunts and Live Advertising category, but at its heart were image maps and image sharing by fans of spectacular images of Droga5’s surreal text sculpture.


Images from The Inspiration Room



Become the storyteller. Let the Rights Managed imagery from Image Source become the medium for the message.


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